About Harrison Storage

Harrison Storage Solutions started with the purchase of two rusty 8×20’ shipping containers in 2000 and advanced to selling and leasing storage containers to power plants, coal mines, and oilfield applications as well as the agriculture industry and residential users. We listened to the needs of our customers and developed a system where new and used containers are kept in inventory, ready to be delivered immediately, with equipment developed specifically for container hauling.

We consider our business to be a service company. You are invited to come to our yards and pick out your equipment. We will welcome your call when disaster visits your home or business and you find yourself needing immediate storage. We encourage our customers to discuss and modifications and repurposing needs for storage containers.

Our experience ranges from placing a 20’ unit at a residential location to handling the daily relocation of loaded 40’ units on site at on of the largest power plant construction projects in the midwest. We have put containers in buildings and skidded them into remote locations.

A spinoff operation has developed where we provide trucking services for customers who own their own containers and need them relocated to the next job site or back to their home base.

Many interesting developments have taken place since we bought those first two rusty boxes. In the beginning containers were a byproduct of the worldwide shipping industry- simply put, they were the grocery bags for the world’s consumers. They were used and abused and sold off when deemed unfit for cargo. Since then, United States consumers have seen the need for new containers and have been offered the opportunity to purchase containers that have transported one load of cargo. As the builders of containers saw what was happening, they offered containers built with operations to make them better suited for the storage industry. Units are offered with doors on each end, and side openings. Units are offered that are constructed to be cut down into 10’ units. We also offer specialized units for offices, control rooms, security huts or tool storage. At Harrison Storage Solutions we strive to stay on top of the changes and developments of the market.

When you contact Harrison Storage Solutions you will talk with a person with hands on experience to take care of your storage needs. We’re a small company that strives by meeting our customer’s needs, from the time you call to the time your storage needs are solved.